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Christmas Gift Vouchers

Got a real pain in the ass to buy for this christmas ? with no clue what to get them,already got them christmas jumper,boxers,socks and god knows what else and its still in a press some where unopened ?

Well get them an Artane Cycles Gift Voucher and watch there little eyes light up

Is there bike running realy crusty a full service €25 will get it right and safe to ride

maybe a track pump as most people that come in the shop are cycling on nearly flat tyres  €25

for those squeaky bum moments when you notice your brake pads are past it and cant stop, 
a set of standard brake pads fitted €15

do they need a lock prices start from €15 to €60

what about lights prices start from €15 to €50

or have they got a saddle that looks like a pit bull terrier chewed on it, prices start from

€15 to €50

or punture protection tyres so they dont arrive home in a huff an hour late after walking home in the pissings of rain prices start from €35 to €65

or a set of mudguards will save you a fortune using vanish to get the stains out of there cloths from dirt and oil from the road prices start from €15 to €50

what about a front basket for mammy or granny so they can carrie all there bottles of cheap wine home from the shops prices start from €25 to €60

or helmets for young kids to 80 year old kids at heart there also good for bed head moulds you hair back to the shape of your head so you dont look like you slept in a ditch €20 to €150

or a water bottle and holder to put there cheap vodka in when they go to the beach for a cycle during the summer prices start from €10 to €30

why not get them pannier bags you can carrie a slab of beer in each side will save them having walking home with it on there shoulder and being to tired to drink it
pannier bags prices start €45 a side

keep them safe with hi vizz jackets or vests
maybee tools to fix there own bike

we have gift items to suit from 4 year old boys and girls to 80 year old young at hearts

Happy Christmas from all at artane cycles