Bike Repair

The Best Bike Repair in Dublin!

The owner of Artane Cycles Paddy Tighe has been repairing bicycles for 20 years plus, if you've got a problem with your 
bike that other shops can fix bring your bike along to us and we'll have you back on the road in no time.

Full service - with a full service we tighten and tune everything on your bicycle ie gears,
                        head set ,cranks,wheel cones,cables,leavers,handle                                           
                        bars,saddle,carriers,mudguards etc.all for €30.00
                        (this does not include new parts fitted or wheel truing there extra)

Wheel Building - with wheel building we offer a wide variety of services
1 - we re-rim wheels ie mavic wheel range,shimano wheels,electric bicycle wheels and old style warhores (high nelly) wheels

2 - we can build you custom wheels ie lightweight racer wheels,downhill mtb wheels,old style steel 3 speed wheels

3 - re-tension spokes on exsisting wheels ie blade spoke wheels,electric wheels,racer wheels

4 - we replace hubs as well ie nexus ,sturmey-archer,powertap,hope,ultegra etc and save a lot of money buying a new wheel

5 - we repair old style sturmey-archer 3 speed hubs,and repair  shimano freehubs

Seized Seatpost - we can repair and remove all Seized Seatpost on metal frame bicycles.
                                 (except carbon frames)

Welding service - we weld bicycle frames,most house hold goods like lawnmower handle,broken brackets,broken metal toys etc

Bike Builds and Rebuilds - if you bought a bicycle online in a box,moved home from another country with a bike in bits we build it correctly for you for €30

Brakes repairs - we service all types of brake systems from v brakes,standard caliper brakes,hydraulic brakes etc.

Buggy Wheel  - we stock and fit tubes,tyres and puncture protection tyres for buggys 

Wheelbarrow Wheel - we stock and fit tubes,tyres

sack trucks (hand cart truck) we stock and fit tubes,tyres

Berg go karts - we stock and fit tubes,tyres

Sulky wheels - we stock and fit tubes,tyres

Brackets Changed - ie we change over child seats,carriers,light brackets etc from your old to your new bicycle

toy building - we will also build you childs toys ie little tikes,berg,buggies, etc

feel free to contact us reguarding other items you want done but are not listed on the website

Price List
Tyres (Fitted) From €15
Tubes (Fitted) From €10
Wheels Trued From  €15
Special Rates for Club Members