Mavic Ksyrium Pro Wheelset


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The Ksyrium Pro uses the same technology as the Ksyrium Pro SL, which has set new standards for modern wheel building. This wheel is equally at ease on fast rolling terrain or mountain courses, and for a couple of hours or an all-day adventure.

New rim for 2016

This year we’re bringing in a new rim shape, which is enlarged by two millimetres. That might not sound much, but when combined with 25mm tyres it increases the air volume by 18%. This extra volume means you can lower the tyre pressure by 20 PSI while maintaining the same rolling resistance as with a narrower rim and tyre.

The result is greatly improved comfort with no compromise on rolling efficiency to keep you fast on the long haul. And despite the lower tyre pressure, the increased distance between the rim edge and the ground (thanks to the extra air) means pinch flats are easily avoided.

Trademark Ksyrium lightweight stiffness and durability

Everything else riders love about the Ksyrium Pro stays the same, including the sweet 
combination of low weight, stiffness and durability for unsurpassed ride quality. It’s 
thanks to key features adapted from the Ksyrium Pro SL:

Zicral alloy spokes are stiffer, stronger and lighter than traditional stainless steel spokes.

Isopulse lacing pattern (radial lacing on the drive side) allows a more balanced spoke 
tension, giving a more stable and stiffer wheel, especially for heavy loads.

Fore drilling creates the strongest possible connection between rim and spokes, with 
no holes in the upper bridge of the rim to increase stiffness by about 20%, and no rim 
tape needed (another 40g saved).

And of course our new ISM4D rim means each part of the rim is precisely machined 
using just the right amount of material needed to provide stiffness and strength, 
while maintaining weight at just 400g. For a total wheel weight of only 1475g.

Matching Yksion Pro tyres

This wheel also comes with our Yksion Pro tyres, which offer a great balance of grip, 
rolling resistance and a low weight of only 205g in 25mm thanks to the supple 127 TPI 
casing, Kevlar beads and our well-balanced rubber compound.

The front wheel comes with the Griplink version; with a specific tread pattern 
to evacuate water quickly when cornering, increasing confidence and speed in 
difficult conditions. It also offers a very strong Kevlar puncture protection for 
added safety.

The rear wheel comes with the Powerlink version; with a more supple nylon puncture 
protection instead of Kevlar to lower rolling resistance. To reduce rolling resistance 
and increase speed even further, the tread pattern is optimized to reduce the pressure 
on the ground. This also improves water evacuation from the centre to increase traction and efficiency in wet conditions.

Ksyrium Pro comes with 25mm tyres. But Yksion Pro tyres are also available in 28mm for 
an even better comfort.

Weight : 1475 grams (Pair without tyre)
11 Speed